What does it mean to be a Green Tier Participant?

Daycholah Center, established in Ripon in 1902, is an outdoor ministry program serving local congregations, non-profit groups, families, individuals and other business groups. And it has been a Tier 1 participant since 10/9/2013. But what does that mean for you?

As stated on the DNR website, “Green Tier invites you to become part of the ideal state for growing a green bottom line. Together, we provide credible, creative ways to enable your business to be a powerful, sustainable force for environmental good and enhance your productivity, cut your costs and strengthen the health of your culture and community. Dynamic, forward thinking businesses and charter associations are benefiting from all the ideas, ideals and advantages of being a Green Tier participant.”

The Daycholah Center is continually exploring and implementing best practices in respect to invasive species control and eradication, green building, composting and overall care of the environment. The Daycholah Center Campground:

  • installed a geo-thermal unit for heating and cooling its newest facility;
  • insulated two buildings which has resulted in a twenty percent reduction in energy costs;
  • worm garden composting of over 1000 pounds of food waste every year, which is used for butterfly gardens and other plantings in camp;
  • removed a significant portion of the concrete path running parallel to the lakes shore and replaced it with permeable materials and erosion controls;
  • and rerouted a majority of the rain gutters to the gardens.

So come for a visit and see all our efforts!