Demolition has Begun

The dust is flying, fine small Styrofoam bead insulation is in the air, and asbestos floor tiles are being professionally removed.  The Faville renovation has begun in earnest!  A crew of 6 to 12 volunteers have removed approximately 80 cubic yards of building waste from carpeting to wall paneling and insulation, and we have just begun.  According to the original drawings, Faville was constructing in 1955, with a major addition being put on in 1964.  The building has served many purposes over the years, including camp kitchen and dining hall for a while.

As we work at dismantling the old in an effort to make way for the new, I can’t help but wonder about all of the conversations that have occurred within those walls.  Oh if only those walls could talk!  I wonder about all of the friendships that have been solidified within those walls.  I wonder about all of the faith questions that have been explored in the lounge.  How many young adults have spent their summers in the building as part of our summer staff?  How many confirmands spent a night or two in the building during a confirmation retreat?  I wonder where all of the people are today.  Where have their faith journeys taken them?

We have some really great plans for the future of Faville.  All of the mechanical systems in the building will be updated, the building will be more energy efficient, and we will be utilizing the space more efficiently.  None of this would be possible without the support UCCI has received through the contributions to our Campital Campaign.  In the early 1950’s the people who believed in Daycholah Center had a dream for improved year round housing and they worked hard to make Faville a reality.  Today there is another group of people who are working hard to position UCCI and Faville for the next 60 years of ministry.

There will be plenty of space inside the new Faville for another amazing set of conversations.  I invite you to consider how this amazing building can be part of your future conversations.  We are not taking down the entire building, there will be plenty of pieces that have heard the conversations since 1955.  Come share a conversation, build a friendship, explore your faith and let the building host your community well into the future.

~ Rev. Nathan Athorp