Modern Day Disciples

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There are some days when I am able to see parallels between Jesus’ disciples and the community we are part of at Daycholah Center and Moon Beach.  This week, one of the UCC’s daily devotionals, (, made the comparisons a little easier to see.  The author explores the concept of Jesus’ disciples realizing that any one of them could have been the one to betray Jesus.  In other words, the disciples faced the reality that they were flawed members of humanity, capable of betraying Jesus.  More importantly than the capability of betrayal, the disciples also acknowledged and accepted the grace and forgiveness of Jesus.

As we gather at Moon Beach and Daycholah Center throughout the year we come from diverse backgrounds and a multitude of understandings of our faith, and yet we do hold some things in common.  Regardless of whether we are a group of retirees who have gathered to celebrate friendships that span decades, or a group of preschool Mom and Me campers who are meeting each other for the first time, we come together with the knowledge of our own flaws as members of humanity.  The Seniors share life’s challenges and reflect back on the wise and sometimes not so wise choices that have been made along the way.  The ‘Mom and Mes’ know that tough choices are going to have to be made when physical exhaustion hits home and personal independences of the ‘Mes’ are tested.  Inevitably, as our time together at the camps progresses, we help each other come to terms with our flaws and errors and then we celebrate with each other as we acknowledge the forgiveness and grace that has been extended to us.

We may or may not have the privilege of having Christ standing in the room with us, but as a community we do have the collective knowledge of thousands of years of Christian history and we have the personal faith of one another to lean on.  We have the ability to share understandings and beliefs, to journey with one another.  As we reflect on our roles and position as members of humanity during this Holy Week, let us take some time to acknowledge our flaws and celebrate the grace that has been extended to each and every one of us.

~ Rev. Nathan Athorp