Amazing Creation

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This past weekend I was reminded once again what an amazing environment we work in.  We were hosting a quilting retreat and on a number of occasions the quilters and I noted how the view out on to the lake changes on a daily basis and sometimes even by the hour.  Sometimes when you look out the window the water will be as still and calm as a piece of glass, other times if the wind has picked up, there can be frothy four foot waves out there.  In addition to this ever changing scenery, we have just enough fall tree color left to be really striking in spots.  At one point during the retreat I walked through the quilting room and one of the quilters stopped me just simply to let me know that she considered it really special to be doing a hobby she enjoyed so much in such a beautiful place.

Those little reminders are good for those of us who are here on site on a daily basis.  I fear that when God’s amazing creation surrounds us continually we can lose perspective on how amazing it really is.  It truly is wonderful to be surrounded by all of it.  Over the last couple of weeks there has been a maple tree outside of Oak Mound Lodge that went from bright green to yellow to a flaming orange and red in just a matter of days.  There was another one on the lake side of Oak Mound that was a vivid yellow and when the sun was shining the yellow was very striking against the background of both the bright blue sky and the equally vivid lake.  I did notice these things as I hurried by, but I failed to really take the time to appreciate what was in front of me.

We truly are blessed to live and work in the midst of such an amazing piece of God’s wonder!  I encourage you to take some time and look around at all God has given us.  Look in your own backyard, pay attention on your drive to work, or even better, come spend some time at Moon Beach or Daycholah Center!

~ Rev. Nathan Athorp