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Hello Friends!

United Church Camps, Inc. (UCCI) is so excited to be welcoming guests back to all three sites! Moon Beach, Daycholah Center and Cedar Valley are open and have a great calendar of events planned, so check it out.

2021 gatherings will look different. The safety and health of all is our top priority. All guests and staff will be following our easy, “Pick 2” formula. This means doing 2 of these 3 things: lovingly distanced, be outside, wear your mask. We do this joyfully because it means we get to be together again.

Although the pandemic situation is dynamic, we feel very confident in sticking with this approach. Questions will arise: “When do I need to wear my mask?” (No masks while swimming, eating, sleeping or showering), “I am vaccinated, do I still need to be distanced?” and more. Our simple formula answers those questions.

Check out this graphic for some more examples.

Here’s what we are doing to operate safely:
  • Staff is in the process of being fully vaccinated
  • Modified capacities for all programming
  • Creative use of shared space
  • Fewer points of contact
  • Face coverings (indoors and outdoors when in close proximity)
  • Enhanced use of outdoor spaces
  • Lovingly distancing
  • Enhanced cleaning

Each site has developed a detailed plan to keep our guests safe. We encourage you to review the details and know that we are here for questions any time.

Moon Beach 2021

Daycholah Center 2021

Cedar Valley 2021

Easy to remember, easy to do, we kindly ask that you “Pick 2!”