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United Church Camps Inc. (UCCI) Covid Policy 

Updated 6/08/2022 

 The top priority for United Church Camps, Inc. (UCCI) is the health and safety of all guests, volunteers, staff, and the community at large. Each of our outdoor ministry campuses–Cedar Valley, Daycholah Center, and Moon Beach–is working hard to protect our community from exposure to Covid-19. UCCI will comply with all applicable laws and follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local health authorities. Because this is a dynamic situation and recommendations and policies may change, please check back often for updates. 

 Our Mission Statement guides every decision we make; it is with care, respect, and compassion for each other that we adhere to the following policies: 

 Covid-19 vaccination with proper proof is required for the following groups:  

  • UCCI staff – adult team members, including seasonal and temporary team members  
  • Volunteers subject to a background check supporting programs and guests at Daycholah Center. Because Daycholah Center hosts unaccompanied minors, volunteers are required to be vaccinated. 

Covid-19 vaccination with proper proof OR a negative test result from a test administered within the 24 hours prior to arrival is required for the following groups:  

  • Guests age 5 and up
  • Volunteers subject to a background check and supporting adult and multigenerational events at Moon Beach and/or Cedar Valley.

 Mask Friendly Environment 

A mask-friendly environment means that masks may be worn by anyone at any time at any of our sites, but masks are not universally required. This means that some staff and guests may choose to remain masked, some may not, and we support those individual decisions. 

There may be situations where all guests will be asked to wear a mask, such as when going through the food line in the dining hall. Expectations will be clearly communicated by signage and staff. 

We will continue to recommend that individuals wear masks if they become ill or have Covid-19 symptoms. In addition, there will be times when individuals will be required to wear masks following current health protocols, such as individuals who have been identified as close contacts or who are in the five-day period following the completion of isolation for Covid-19. 

Our recommendation for those choosing to wear a mask is to select high-quality masks, including 4-ply masks, KN95s, and/or N95s. 

Testing for Cause 

In the event a guest, volunteer or team member becomes ill or shows symptoms of Covid-19 we will administer a rapid test on-site and follow health guidelines for isolation and further testing.  

 Gather Outdoors 

Apart from Covid-19, gathering outdoors is central to the UCCI experience. We will continue to be outside as much as possible for all programming and activities. 

 Maintain a Loving Distance 

A loving distance increases the physical space and reduces interaction between guests, thus lowering the chances of spreading illness between people. When gathering as a community, we acknowledge that individuals have varying comfort levels and preferences for closeness and physical contact. 

 UCCI stands behind these policies. Creating a safe environment to gather and to communicate clearly has always been our goal. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust as needed. Thank you for your continued understanding and support as we do our best to provide sanctuary, hospitality, and ministry. 

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