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Dear Grandkids

Posted on Apr 14, 2022 by

Hello UCCI Community,
I do not have grandchildren, yet for decades I have been dreaming of attending camp with them. This vision has shepherded me through 20 years of faithful service to the mission and ministry of United Church Camps, Inc. (UCCI) and is the spirit of my concluding thoughts.

To my Grandchildren, whom I love dearly,

There are so many things that I hold dear. The time we spent at Daycholah Center for the Grandparent & Me events is near the top of the list. Don’t get me wrong, I love your parents, but to lose them for a couple of days and have you all to myself was extraordinary! No cooking, no dishes, nothing to do but have fun swimming, sailing, tie-dying, and eating s’mores. That was fun! We sat around the fire circle watching the stars, listening to the sailboat moorings clank with the waves, drifting off to sleep after reading our favorite bedtime story. I wish we could do that all over again. (If I could only get Bryan Sirchio’s Bugs for Lunch song out of my head! 😊)

The friends we made at Grandparent & Me are lifelong and special. I can’t believe you went to college, served on camp staff, and traveled internationally with friends you met when you were five years old. Didn’t three of your campmates end up going to seminary? I know that countless people have heard their “call to ministry” at Cedar Valley, Daycholah Center, or Moon Beach–your Grandpa is one of them. No, I did not go to seminary, but as my friend Laura always said, we are ALL called to be ministers, some even get ordained. God always seems to speak the loudest to me at UCCI Events.

As I mentioned, I left UCCI in 2022 with some unfinished business. There was always the next project to tackle, more funds to raise to balance the budget, and more work to be done. But I’ll tell you this, the time spent with you was “fantastic” as your uncle always said, and I hope you know I’ll never finish loving you or UCCI!

With all my love,
Grandpa Glenn

Friends, I sincerely love UCCI and this community. I personally invite you to attend an event this year. Please consider a donation to keep our sacred places going strong for generations. If like me, you are dreaming of grandchildren, keep in touch, and I will see you at camp!

Glenn Svetnicka
Executive Director
[email protected]

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