2023 Annual Report

Finding the Sweet Spot: Adapting Outdoor Ministry for a Changing World

In 2023, UCCI underwent a strategic transformation, highlighted by the sale of the Daycholah Center property to the Wisconsin Conference United Church of Christ (WCUCC). The WCUCC relocated its headquarters to Spring Grove Lodge at Daycholah Center, while UCCI moved its offices to Center Cottage. The proceeds from these sales have been crucial in enabling UCCI to pursue a sustainable business model, despite a projected net loss for 2023.

Participation at Moon Beach and Daycholah Center dipped, impacting registration revenue, but the successful ‘Ignite Generosity’ fundraising campaign raised $239,000, exceeding expectations and improving year-end financial performance. Moving forward, we aim to increase participation, explore new revenue streams, and secure 20-25% of our operating budget annually through unrestricted donations. The profound impact of outdoor ministry on faith journeys continues to reinforce UCCI’s mission and its vital role within the community.

We invite you to explore the full report, which includes site highlights from Moon Beach, Daycholah Center, and Cedar Valley, as well as comprehensive financial details. Discover how each location contributes to our mission and learn about our progress and future plans.