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Lost and Found

Posted on Nov 19, 2018 by

It seems inevitable that a place like Pilgrim Center will end up with a lost and found.  With the number of guests that we have passing through our rooms stuff is bound to be left behind.  We have a drawer full of cell phone chargers and there are a couple of boxes of clothing left […]

Amazing Creation

Posted on Nov 8, 2018 by

This past weekend I was reminded once again what an amazing environment we work in.  We were hosting a quilting retreat and on a number of occasions the quilters and I noted how the view out on to the lake changes on a daily basis and sometimes even by the hour.  Sometimes when you look […]

For All the Saints

Posted on Oct 31, 2018 by

Today is Halloween, a holiday when many people dress up in fun and silly costumes, spending time pretending to be something they are not and having a lot of fun.  That is all well and good, but it has a tendency to forget the origins of the holiday.  The holiday has its origins in the […]


Posted on Oct 6, 2018 by

This week Moon Beach hosted an annual clergy retreat.  In addition to opportunities for rest, rejuvenation and getting caught up with colleagues, the workshop component of the retreat focused on the multiple purposes of our worship.  Questions of why we worship, what we are trying to accomplish in worship, and how the events and ideas […]


Posted on Sep 8, 2018 by

This week I had the pleasure of having a conversation with one of our Grandparent & Me grandparents.  This grandparent shared with me the reasons for repeatedly returning to Pilgrim Center for camping events.  While we would love to proclaim that it is our amazing programing, our outstanding accommodations, and our mouth-watering meals that keep […]

Building Community

Posted on Jul 20, 2018 by

In the second chapter of the Book of Acts the author offers a few short verses which describe the community life of the people who banded together to carry on the teachings of Jesus after the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.  This is only 6 brief verses, but it paints a fairly descriptive picture.  I […]

Laughter and Tears

Posted on Jul 16, 2018 by

In the Book of Genesis, Chapter 18, Abraham and Sarah play host to a trio of visitors who come walking across the desert towards their tent.  Hospitality is offered in the baking of bread and the sharing of a meal.  In exchange for that hospitality and generosity, Abraham and Sarah receive some amazing news, the […]

Seamanship 101

Posted on Jun 5, 2018 by

‘There’s a season for everything and a time for every matter under the heavens’ Ecclesiastes 3:1 (CEB) I was reminded once again this week that there is frequently more than one way to accomplish the same task. One of our tasks for the week was to prepare our motor boat for the season. If the […]

Facing Challenges

Posted on May 25, 2018 by

This time of year has a tendency to be rather stressful in the summer camping organization; all of the facilities need to be up and running at their best potential and all of an organization’s staffing needs to be pulled together. Inevitably there are always some loose ends that are only resolved in the 11 […]

Following your Heart

Posted on May 3, 2018 by

We make choices and decisions every day of our lives, some of them are rather mundane, such as what we will wear in the morning or what we might eat for lunch.  Other decisions have more long term significance, such as what we will pursue for a summer job between college semesters or a change […]