2022 Camp AweSum FAQ

Camp AweSum Mission Statement: “We are transforming lives by providing a respect-based culture of acceptance, support, and understanding for those who are touched by autism through community building and education.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Where can I get up to date information about Camp AweSum?

We are committed to providing the best experience for all guests, and that includes providing clear information, published on official communication sites.  Information about Camp AweSum at UCCI can be found by “liking” and follow the new Facebook page Camp AweSum at UCCI and watching for emails from [email protected]. Additionally, watch our website (www.ucci.org/camp-awesum/).

Who is Camp AweSum Leadership?

The Camp AweSum Leadership team is comprised of familiar professionals who represent over 45 years of autism experience and over 15 years of Camp AweSum experience. These familiar individuals include licensed professionals Wendy Dallman, Molly Dittmann, and Jill Umlauf. UCCI Camp AweSum Coordinator, Sophia Svetnicka, will continue to be a part of the team. The collaborative efforts of Camp AweSum and UCCI working together keep the same culture and commitment that has always been present at Camp AweSum. The professionals involved are fully committed to autistics and their families, so the philosophy of Camp AweSum will not change.

Will we still be eligible for county funding?

Yes! Funding will still be available. Camp AweSum meets the criteria. The necessary training/in-services/respite will still take place to ensure families are eligible for waiver dollars.

  • The definition of training according to Wisconsin Department of Health Services for the CLTS Waiver Program (Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Manual for the CLTS Waiver Program (wisconsin.gov)):
    • “Training focuses on techniques for supporting children with and without disabilities, keeping family balance and harmony in the home, and communicating effectively, which promotes inclusion, support independence, and foster growth for both the participant and their families. This service includes, but not limited to:
      • In person training
      • Parent-to-parent mentoring
      • Conferences
      • Resource materials
      • Online training
      • Registration fees and training fees associated with formal instruction”
    • Professional services provided by licensed accredited professionals who maintain current credentials in their field of practice or training or experience in working with children with disabilities

How is the licensing different and does it affect my family?

Licensing in this context is what Cedar Valley, Daycholah Center, and Moon Beach are governed by under Wisconsin Administrative Code.  Licensing in this context does not refer to county respite provider status or the 501(c)3 non-profit status of UCCI or Camp AweSum.

Moon Beach has always been licensed as a camp.  Since youth camps are no longer hosted there, it is now being inspected as a family camp.   It is appropriate to inspect Moon Beach this way because the physical property of Moon Beach, with its private cabins / baths vs. group accommodations, is like a resort. The licensing status does not change anything in practice; it is simply how the county regulation board governs us. This will not change staffing, including lifeguarding, as past practice shows our commitment to waterfront safety. 

Why was Camp AweSum Youth moved?

Moving Camp AweSum Youth to Daycholah Center was due in part to the licensing change mentioned above.  Other important reasons like staff/volunteer recruitment, allowing for an additional week of Camp AweSum family camp, and dedicated training in the Camp AweSum approach at Daycholah Center will benefit ALL youth camps hosted there. This change had been foreshadowed to Camp AweSum Leadership for several years. In 2021, we ran Graduate Camp as a youth camp trial run at Daycholah Center, so we now know how best to provide a successful experience for youth at a new location. Camp AweSum Youth will be the same, just at a different location.

How will programming change in 2022?

All programming and schedules will be structured the same. Morning activities will operate the same as it has in the past. All other programming (afternoon and evening) will be structured as it has in the past, with some requested adaptions.  As in any year, need-to-know information will be foreshadowed and shared in the weeks leading up to your week of camp.

When is registration?

Registration opens for all events on January 8th at 9:09am.

What are the dates and rates for 2022?

Camp AweSum Family 1- June 12-18, 2022
Camp AweSum Family 2- June 19-25, 2022
Camp AweSum Youth- June 26 – July 1, 2022
Camp AweSum Family 3- July 31 – August 6, 2022
Camp AweSum Family 4- August 7-13, 2022

2022 Camp AweSum Family Camp Rates:
Ages 12+ $728
Ages 4-11 $544
Ages 2-3   $275
Ages 0-2   $0

2022 Camp AweSum Youth Rate:

Are Camp AweSum summer camps priced higher than other UCCI summer camps?

The rates for Camp AweSum summer camps are higher than other UCCI summer camps because of the number of volunteers, counselors, and professional staff offering respite, programming, training, in-services, and in-cabin youth camp counselors.  Most professional staff receive a stipend (often donated back), and youth camp counselors receive a small stipend.  All of this adds to the costs of running this unique camp.  The price Camp AweSum families and youth pay, does not fully cover these costs.  In addition to fundraising, and grants, we can keep the price as affordable as possible because of our partnership with UCCI and its willingness to subsidize the housing and meal rates for volunteers/counselors/staff.  It is also why UCCI believes money should not be a barrier to participation and offers substantial scholarships.

Please note: In 2021 the rates stayed the same as they were in 2019. In 2022 the rates have needed to increase for all Camp AweSum and UCCI events.

What are UCCI’s 2022 Covid precautions?

You can find all of the current precautions here:  2022 UCCI Covid precautions  Please keep in mind that this continues to be a dynamic situation so please check back often for updates.

For any additional questions please call 800-683-8224 or email [email protected].