Family Camp

Family camp is an opportunity to vacation with other families who “understand your story.” The age and functioning level of the person on the Autism Spectrum is irrelevant for this camp. This is an extraordinary opportunity for families to relax and rejuvenate in an idyllic Northwoods setting while enjoying the understanding and support provided by other families and by an organization and staff that embrace differences. You’ll have opportunities to share tales and laugh about things only families such as yours could know and appreciate!

Respite is provided to parents daily between breakfast and lunch. This is an opportunity for the parents/caregivers to do whatever you like while your child(ren) are supported in activities designed to engage and entertain them by a staff devoted to children on the Autism Spectrum. Some families come equipped with their bicycles and take advantage of the miles of bike paths in the area. Others go kayaking, fishing, hiking, while still others have participated in yoga sessions. Three hours to rejuvenate daily is a most welcome aspect of family camp.

2018 Family Camp Rates

Ages 0 – 2            $ 0.00
Ages 2 – 3            Coming soon
Ages 4 – 11           Coming soon
Ages 12+               Coming soon

2018 Family Camp Dates

June 17 – 23, 2018
July 15 – 21, 2018
August 12-18, 2018