Elements of Giving – 2021 Annual Fundraising

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Blessings and greetings to all! As this year is wrapping up, we take a moment to thank all the campers, guests, and supporters that made 2021 so special. We started the season uncertain about our future, but you showed up in person and in spirit to bring Outdoor Ministry to life. We are proud to say this year has been one of our most successful summer seasons. We Re-United, and it was wonderful. THANK YOU!
You made this possible:
  • Naming Daycholah Center and honoring indigenous heritage
  • Black Joy Retreat
  • Expanding the Scholarship Fund to more campers
  • Custom-designed inclusive boat docks
  • Addition of a new Fire Circle
Cedar Valley, Daycholah Center, Moon Beach, and Camp AweSum continue to serve more campers, guests, and families – this is always the goal! Underlying the success of 2021 is the fact that the 2020 “Keep the Fires Burning” campaign allowed us to stay operational. UCCI was in desperation mode, and you showed up in a big way. Your generosity carried us through!
As we reflect on the year, we look at how the magic of camp inspired so many. We know that time spent in nature is truly transformative. The elements move us and shape us. They are foundational in nature, just as the support of our patrons is to us. This fall, we are celebrating “The Elements of Giving” and how each supporter is a part of us.
As we consider fire (transforms), air (moves), water (shapes), and earth (heals), we see how each of you has contributed to helping create the magic of outdoor ministry. What Element do you most identify with? Are you stoking our fires with cash donations? Showing up in person to care for the earth at our sites as a volunteer or future team member? Does your story flow like water, enriching our programs as a participant? Are you like air, full of spirit-gracefully sending thoughts, prayers, and spreading the good work out like the winds? Everything is connected; we all fit together!
We invite you to participate by keeping UCCI in your daily prayers, following along with email and social media updates, and spreading the word by sharing your reasons for supporting Outdoor Ministry. Last but not least, we invite you to donate to the campaign. If everyone can give at the same level as last year, UCCI’s ministry will thrive. Your support makes a big difference!
I welcome your notes and questions. The best part of my role is connecting with you and sharing the vision and community of Outdoor Ministry!
Glenn Svetnicka
Executive Director
[email protected]