Pilgrim Center 2021

Pilgrim Center 2021 – *NEW* – Registration opens March 1st at 9:09am!

Our Plan for the Summer at PC
While Pilgrim Center may look different this summer, we will continue to foster the spirit of love and
acceptance that has kept this place alive for over 100 years. Last summer, we made the difficult decision
to close our doors to keep everyone we care about as safe as possible. With that being said, we would
like to continue to share love and care while at camp. The best way to share your love for others during
your time at PC is by following our policies (updated 04.06.21).

Below you will find the policies we plan to put into place if necessary to protect the health and wellbeing of our guests.

Program Changes
As it stands right now, we are planning on limiting the number of campers onsite each week to
50% of our normal capacity. This change will allow us to more easily give each camp its own
separate living arrangements, bathrooms, and program times, which reflects a small-group
camping model. This model of camping is new to Pilgrim Center this year but will be an
excellent addition to our program style. While camp may look different than it has in the past,
we will still be able to create moments and memories that you will cherish for years to come.

This year, many of our programs have gone through some changes. Some of these changes are
large, while others may be more subtle. One major change is that several of our programs that
were previously offered for multiple age ranges (PilgrimCon and MADD) are now divided into
separate sessions by camp type: one program for Intermediate/Junior campers and a separate
program for Junior High/Senior High campers.

A more subtle change is the way in which we identify our camp types. We now have 4 camp
types: & Me (preschool-2), Tenderfoot (1-2), Intermediate/Junior (3-6), and Junior High/Senior
High (7-12). Below, we will talk about, in greater detail, what is to be expected for each of these
new camp types.

“& Me” (Preschool-2nd)
This year, we have decided to allow ANY adult to join their “me” at camp during the summer.
This will allow even more “me” campers to experience camp with their favorite adult. “Me’s”
will continue to be housed in Oak Mound Lodge but, based on capacities, will receive their own
private bathroom during their stay at PC.

With these updates also comes the bonus of a longer stay: now all “& Me” programs are 4 days
and 3 nights long! This is to reduce the amount of traffic coming in and out of camp.

We are also offering a new add-on program that allows adults and their “me” the opportunity
to stay for the entire week of camp to relax at our site. This is called an “& Me Extension”. This
additional option can be added to many of our “& Me” reservations during the registration

Tenderfoot (1st-2nd)
New this year for Tenderfoot is the addition of an extra day. Just like our “& Me” camps,
Tenderfoot camps will now be 4 days and 3 nights, allowing campers to get a great first taste of
coming to camp.

Intermediate/Junior (3rd-6th)
In general, our Intermediate/Junior camps have mostly stayed the same. Some of our camps,
like PilgrimCon and MADD, have been split apart from our Junior High/Senior High campers.

Junior High/Senior High (7th-12th)
We are excited to offer some new opportunities for Junior High and Senior High campers this
year. Some camps give campers the opportunity to be at camp for up to 10 days. Another
exciting option is the addition of the Counselor-In-Training (CIT) add-on. This option allows
campers aged 17 and up to stay another week to become a Counselor-In-Training for a camp
that is similar to the one they have just attended. This is a great opportunity for campers to
spend more time at a place they love, while learning what it takes to make everything happen
behind the scenes.

Summer 2021 Program Schedule
Note: All grade levels are based on current grade level at the time of registration.