Queer Qamp


Aug 25 - 27 2023
✅ Become part of an instant community
✅ Be yourself freely in a safe and accepting environment
✅ Have fun and laugh like a kid again
✅ Recharge in nature
✅ Have an authentic summer camp experience as an adult

Queer Qamp is open to all LGBTQI2A+ adults, who fall under the wide queer umbrella. Enjoy the traditional activities of camp. You may spend time in and on the lake, be creative doing arts and crafts, make new friends, relax around the campfire, and feel renewed while embracing the belovedness of who you are and who you are becoming. Hosted by Rev. Leanne Rose.
Adult | $210

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Daycholah Center
Daycholah Center
W1010 Spring Grove Road, Ripon, WI 54971