Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall, formerly known as Hennig Hall, went under extensive renovations over the last several years and has been turned into a year-round, highly used facility.  As part of the renovations, we have turned Heritage Hall into a historical museum that displays the history of Moon Beach through pictures, letters from former staff and campers, items from old buildings, and documentation of camp over the years.

Heritage Hall is a multi-purpose building that features a large seating/meeting area with comfortable seating, a craft room, a nature corner with educational materials, a ping pong table, and a large TV with DVD/VHS and a sound system with a wireless microphone.

This building also offers:

  • High speed wireless internet
  • Hot & cold beverages (available upon request)
  • Meeting facilitation equipment (easels, newsprint, white boards, overhead projectors)
  • We also have TVs with DVD, Laptops, LCD Projectors, Wireless mics, and other technologies available