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Program Booklets, Posters, and more!

Use the form below to order materials for your church or organization. Up to 50 booklets, 50 stickers, and two posters will be sent at no charge. Personal requests are welcome too, but please request one booklet and one sticker. Please allow about 2 weeks for delivery.

You may also request to host a Camp Sunday (or another day of the week). UCCI staff will visit your church/group and set up a table to distribute materials and promote outdoor ministry. The option to have a speaker give a 5-10 minute presentation is based on staff availability and will be coordinated with you ahead of time. Please contact us with any questions.

Digital resources are coming soon!

Materials Request

Materials Request

Churches and partner organizations, use this form to request materials for your group. Individuals may also request mailed materials - please enter a quantity of 1.

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