The Heart and Soul of Camp Daycholah

At Camp Daycholah campers are immersed in an inclusive community centered on the love of the outdoors and rooted in faith where they can be themselves. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable adventure where fun and wonder take center stage, confidence soars, and friendships flourish.

2024 Programming — What's New!

Family Week: 4th of July Family & Friends Camp
July 3-6, 2024

We will kick off the summer with a 4th of July Family and Friends Camp! The 4-day, 3-night session is for all ages and generations. Come as a small family unit,  a large family reunion, or gather with a group of friends to enjoy the outdoors, our waterfront, and time to relax and play. All meals and snacks are provided, and our program staff will be leading camp favorites like swimming, arts and crafts, kayaking, archery, hikes, fishing, stand-up paddleboarding, labyrinth walks, creek stomping, games, vespers, and more.  On the 4th, you can enjoy a hearty pancake breakfast followed by holiday activities at camp and the “Light Up The Lake” celebration and festivities in Green Lake including patriotic boat parade, live entertainment, and of course, a spectacular fireworks display. Ground yourself and reconnect with others and God during nightly Vespers by sunset. Gather round the campfire the last night for s’mores, song, laughter, and a talent show. Make this your new tradition with family and friends! Enjoy the comforts of hotel style lodging in Oak Mound Lodge, or “glamp” among the trees in the cabins (electricity & AC, bunks up to 11 in each, central restroom/showerhouse) for a bit less. Please contact us if you’d like to reserve a cabin.

Ages 12+ $485  |  Ages 4-11 $435  |  Ages 2-3 $150  | Ages 0-1 $0  | Deposit $250 per family

Teen Week
July 7-12, 2024

This week is devoted to providing teen campers–grades 7-12–with a specialty experience! Choose one of the four programs based on your camper’s interests and get ready to do a deep dive of fun and learning! Each Teen Week program includes traditional summer camp activities too.


With the sun on their back and the wind in their hair, teens will enjoy the thrill of sailing on beautiful Green Lake! This camp is perfect for the beginner or intermediate sailor who enjoys the challenge and excitement of ripping through the waves on Daycholah’s fleet of Sunfish and Laser sailboats. In addition to learning how to sail and hone their sailing skills throughout the week, campers will develop into a tight-knit sailing family where they grow together as a team, learning to trust and rely on each other as we grow closer to God. Volunteer Director: Chuck Thiesenhusen, seasoned racer and instructor

Welcome to Con, where the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, comics, and tabletop gaming unite for an immersive camp experience. Themed around various fandoms, Con campers embark on mystical adventures, solve mysteries, and face challenges within new and captivating storylines. Classic camp activities become exciting quests with fantastical twists on archery, field games, and water activities. Join us as we seek brave participants to become heroes and experiment with cosplay in this unique and exciting camp. Con invites you to roll the dice and discover the magic of collaborative storytelling, because at this camp, “We Do Geek!”

$770  | Deposit $100

Kids' Week
July 14-19, 2024

Welcome to Kids’ Week at Camp Daycholah—an enchanting experience tailored specifically for two distinct age groups: grades 2-4 and grades 5-7! This specialized week is crafted to cater to the unique interests and energy levels of each age bracket. Young adventurers in grades 2-4 will dive into a world of discovery through age-appropriate activities, fostering friendships, and creating memories in a supportive environment. Meanwhile, campers in grades 5-7 will embark on more challenging adventures, developing leadership skills and independence. Both age groups can expect a dynamic blend of engaging activities, team-building games, and the joyous spirit of summer camp. Join us for a week where laughter, learning, and lasting friendships abound—Kids’ Week is where the magic of summer truly comes alive!

$770  |  Deposit $100

Teen Adventure In Leadership – July 21-26, 2024

Ignite your spark for leadership and service in the great outdoors. Spend the first part of the week developing leadership, communication and team building skills while deepening your appreciation for the natural world. You’ll have opportunities to shadow counselors of younger campers and get a behind-the-scenes look at what other camp staff do around camp. Dream about how you can make a difference in the world, and chart your own spiritual and faith journey to explore how it might shape your dreams. Work with your peers to plan a day trip off-site mid-week. Later, you and your team will lead an all-camp program for campers in the 2-day session. Enjoy nightly campfires to relax, socialize, and reflect on your experiences. You’ll have time to play and enjoy your other favorite camp activities, too.

Grades 10-12

$770  |  Deposit $100

Adventure Mini-Weeks
July 21-26, 2024

This is a power summer camp! All the fun and adventure packed into a shorter week for busy kids or a shorter, first-time camp. All age groups can expect a dynamic blend of engaging activities, team-building games, and the joyous spirit of summer camp. Choose a 3-day or 2-day session and see what a difference a few days at camp can make!

Grades 8-12 | Grades 5-7 | Grades 2-4
3-day: July 21-24 | 2-day: July 24-26

3-day: $405  |  2-day: $330  |  Deposit $100

Night Owl Week
July 28-Aug. 2, 2024

Renowned as one of our most popular teen camps, Night Owl promises a truly immersive experience where campers explore the magic and mystery of the night. Following a schedule three hours behind a “normal” camp, participants dive into the allure of nighttime sights and sounds, engaging in captivating night games and other activities best enjoyed under the canopy of dark, starry skies. From cooking street tacos to crafting campfire funnel cakes, every aspect of this camp week is tailored to the unique charm of nighttime.

This year, we are thrilled to introduce Nighthawk for grades 6-8 and Nightingale for grades 3-5, extending the magic of Night Owl to younger age groups. The schedule for younger campers is adjusted to make sure we are all getting proper sleep. Join us for an unforgettable week of camaraderie, self-discovery, and the mesmerizing wonders that unfold after the sun sets at Night Owl, Nighthawk, and Nightingale!

Night Owl: Grades 9-12
Nighthawk: Grades 6-8
Nightingale: Grades 3-5

$770  | Deposit $100

& Me
July 7-10 | July 14-17 | July 24-26

Welcome to & Me Summer Camp—a special, shorter adventure for young campers (K-2nd grade) and an adult they love. Join us for the fun of swimming, fishing, arts and crafts, archery, exploring, devotions, campfires and more! Recognizing diverse developmental stages, we offer sessions for preschoolers (ages 4-6) and a “One More Time” option for 3rd-4th graders. Tailored programming ensures a blend of one-on-one moments and group fun, fostering an environment for cherished memories. Come experience the joy of connecting across generations in a delightful & Me camp setting!

Adult $485  |  Youth $435  |  Deposit $150 per family

July 24-26 shorter session: Adult $400  | Youth $360  |  Deposit $150 per family

What's camp like?

All campers will experience the traditional fun of summer camp including swimming, kayaking/boating, arts & crafts, archery, campfires, games, and all-around camp life. We come together as a whole camp for meals and vespers and other occasional special programming. Kids attending a youth session will sleep in cabins, & Me campers will stay in Oakmound Lodge with many of the comforts of home. (Learn more about lodging at Daycholah Center)

Our goal is to empower all campers—from first-timers to experienced campers—to try something new. A new outdoor activity, a new food, a new game, a new art skill, or a new friend while teaching them the skills they need and supporting the philosophy that ultimately they decide what boundaries they want to push.

Immersed in nature, campers not only engage in a range of outdoor activities but also develop an appreciation for the environment and a sense of responsibility towards it. Additionally, the intentional break from technology creates a unique space for genuine human connections to flourish. Without the distractions of screens, young campers have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships, enhance communication skills, and develop a sense of community.

Our Staff

Our staff includes both volunteer and paid staff from around the world who are enthusiastic and have a passion for inspiring kids and teens to embrace the entire experience of summer camp. We are trained to support those who might feel homesick. Our team understands the unique role a counselor plays in creating community and helping campers build confidence. We are ready to support a range of differences with care, kindness, and respect.

Camper safety is always our priority. Our staff is trained in first aid and the waterfront is supervised by certified lifeguards.

Faith-Based and Spirit-Inspired

Daycholah Center is sacred ground and our time together in this place is designed to deepen your faith–through questions, exploration, and your own experience. Our conversations originate with Christian love and are age-appropriate and respectful of all religions and beliefs. The Spirit moves us and shapes us each in individual ways, and we come together to learn what that means.


Peace Works will be our spiritual curriculum, and we will learn together that peace pushes us to change, grow, and unite. Our daily themes will help us hear a diversity of voices and think about peace and peacemaking from different cultural and ethnic expressions.