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2024 Welcome to Camp!

Enjoy this short overview of all we offer at our three camp and retreat centers in Wisconsin: Moon Beach, Daycholah Center, and Cedar Valley. We are three unique locations and one outdoor ministry family that welcomes all guests. 🌲 🌈 🛶 ☀️ 🔥 💚

Moon Beach Cabins Foundation Restoration

Join Jim Schleif, Executive Director of United Church Camps Inc., on a virtual journey through the serene landscapes of Moon Beach Camp. In this video, Jim shares exciting news about the Cabin Restoration Campaign, aimed at preserving the historic cabins that are the heart and soul of Moon Beach.

🔥 Ignite Generosity

Join hands with us. Give generously. Ignite the torch of legacy. For the campfires of our past, for the youth of our future, for the enduring strength of our shared history, and for making United Church Camps Inc. (UCCI) a steadfast haven that echoes with the laughter of generations yet to come.

2023 Return to Sacred Ground Invitation

Enjoy an overview of all UCCI has to offer – camps and retreats year-round at our three locations in Wisconsin. All are welcome!

Printed Materials

2024 Camps & Events Brochure

Learn more about our camps, events and retreats at Moon Beach, Daycholah Center, Cedar Valley. Includes a 2024 list of events.

Wedding Flyer

Learn more about weddings at Daycholah Center

This program is made possible through a grant from the Brown Endowment of United Church Funds.

2024 Cedar Valley Art Classes

Explore the art workshops at Cedar Valley!

Camp AweSum

Learn more about Camp AweSum and about volunteering for Camp AweSum.

The Naming of Daycholah Center

Read about the process and importance of renaming Daycholah Center.

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