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DAYCHOLAH CENTER is on the southeast shore of beautiful Green Lake, the deepest natural inland lake in Wisconsin. Daycholah Center events include multi-generational events, youth camps, and retreats. The hospitality and the community of people who gather here will make your experience feel like home-away-from-home. This sacred place is the ancestral homeland of the Menomonie, Ojibwa, and Ho-Chunk Nations. UCCI acknowledges these first nations communities who have stewarded this land throughout the generations and pay respect to their elder’s past and present.

In September 2021, we renamed this Outdoor Ministry site from Pilgrim Center to Daycholah Center—the original Hocak (Ho-Chunk) name for Green Lake. The name change is a result of a thorough process that involved many stakeholders, discussions, prayers, and a deep desire to reflect the mission and ministry of UCCI. The new name recognizes that this land was and remains a sacred place for Native Tribes. UCCI’s Outdoor Ministry has a unique role and opportunity to restore the voice of Native Americans, acknowledge their stewardship of this sacred place, and begin a journey with this one small reparative step toward building strong, supportive, and sustained positive relationships with our indigenous siblings. 

Read the full story of the name change, explore additional resources, and find answers to your questions here.

Daycholah Center week-long summer camps run from Sunday through Friday.

Year-round, Daycholah Center is ready to welcome you and your group for a retreat, reunion, or special event. Abundant dorm-style lodging accommodates large and small groups. Hillside Cottage has an updated, full kitchen for your small group or family gatherings. Above all, you will experience world-class hospitality, inspiring surroundings, and peace and relaxation!

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