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United Church Camps Inc (UCCI) - Wisconsin (WI) Map Camp Locations

Mission Statement

We will love God, all others, and the earth by providing sanctuary, practicing hospitality, and performing ministry.

All Are Welcome!

United Church Camps Inc. (UCCI) invites you to the sacred experience of gathering at Moon Beach, Daycholah Center, and Cedar Valley. In these places set apart, you will be warmly welcomed by a loving community and have the time to recharge and connect deeply with God, nature, and each other.

UCCI offers year-round camps, retreats, and events for all ages at three unique locations in Wisconsin. Moon Beach in the Northwoods, Daycholah Center on Green Lake in central Wisconsin, and Cedar Valley in the rolling countryside of southeast Wisconsin. Camp AweSum provides camp opportunities for children on the autism spectrum and their families.

The outdoor ministry of UCCI welcomes people of all faith backgrounds or no faith backgrounds. We provide modern and comfortable accommodations, delicious meals, toasty campfires, and a team eager to serve you. Nature shares the wonder of the sun, stars, water, and trees. The Spirit of God will meet you here.

Discover the sacred places where you belong

What is Outdoor Ministry?

Outdoor ministry is where community, nature, and faith intersect and interact. Moon Beach, Daycholah Center, and Cedar Valley each have a long history of providing meaningful camps, retreats, and events that nurture connections.

UCCI is pleased to offer a variety of sessions including family camps, youth camps, workshops, retreats, and more. Everyone is welcome and invited to explore the events offered or create a retreat that fits your needs.


When family, friends, and new-to-each other people gather in these sacred places, lasting relationships develop. Conversation flows naturally, connections grow deeper, and mutual love and support create memories that last a lifetime.
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Time spent in nature reminds us how deeply connected we are to the earth. Heart rates slow, breath deepens, tears may come to your eyes; in our bodies and souls, we know this is where we belong. The same spirit and power of creation flow through all living things.
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Faith journeys are personal. We value honesty over tradition, curiosity above certainty, and true transformation that comes alive as beauty, justice, and wholeness. Outdoor ministry centers on supporting you in your faith journey.
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