Volunteers serve as instrumental partners in creating sacred spaces, preserving natural sanctuaries, and nurturing the relationships that bring the UCCI mission to life.

If you have an hour, a day, a weekend, a week, or a season, there is a place for you to serve. Listed below are some of our ongoing, annual volunteer opportunities. Individuals, families, and congregational and community groups are welcome. 

Volunteers staying on-site may also enjoy the amenities and setting of the camp environment.

Program Volunteer

Program volunteers typically commit to serving at one week of summer camp. Most program volunteers will work alongside counselors and staff to support summer youth camp at Daycholah Center. There are also opportunities to assist with programming and daily camp activities while attending family camp at Moon Beach. Open to ages 18+ and subject to a background check.

Camp AweSum Family Camp Volunteer

Camp AweSum volunteers provide much-needed respite to parents and caregivers for a week of family camp at Moon Beach. Observe, learn and work alongside experienced professionals in the field of autism to provide respite care each morning, various afternoon hours, and one evening during the week of camp. Volunteers will increase their understanding of individuals on the autism spectrum and gain information to use in their own school, career, or community. Open to ages 14+ with an adult and subject to a background check.

Work Weekends

Do you blur the lines between work and play? If you answered yes, this opportunity for you! Each spring and fall, we come together to paint, make repairs, tend to the grounds and bond as a community. Both skilled and unskilled help is needed. Work weekends provide a great way for a small group to fulfill volunteer hours. Work weekends are open to ages 12+ with an adult.

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Do you have specialized professional or trade skills that you would like to share with UCCI? Contact us to discuss your interests. 

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities