Sacred Experiences

A sacred experience is waiting for you.

A moment of wonder and awe when time seems to stand still. A feeling of being deeply connected to the earth, all living beings, and our Creator. Outdoor ministry creates the time and place for sacred experiences. By filtering out the demands and routine of daily life, a sacred experience becomes more accessible. 

United Church Camps, Inc. (UCCI) is honored to steward three sites in Wisconsin: Cedar Valley, Daycholah Center, and Moon Beach. We honor the land we steward as sacred to our Indigenous siblings. We recognize the many generations who have gathered here before us. The history of these places and their incredible natural beauty have set them apart. Here, there is the feeling that we belong to this land rather than vice versa.

Your presence and participation vitalize these sacred places. The place becomes a partner in your faith journey, providing rest and renewal, joy and laughter, healing, and peace.

We invite you to these sacred places in hope that you feel the gentle affirmation that you are loved.