UPDATE - January 8, 2024

Together, we surpassed our year-end goal.

Join hands with us. Give generously. Ignite the torch of legacy. For the campfires of our past, for the youth of our future, for the enduring strength of our shared history, and for making Moon Beach, Daycholah Center, and Cedar Valley a steadfast haven that echoes with the laughter of generations yet to come.

Ignite Generosity

The UCCI ‘Ignite Generosity’ appeal is a new beginning for our sacred spaces. We’re on a mission to meet the 2023 development goal, but also to continue to build a culture of generosity, not just for today, but to ensure the sustainable future of our camps for decades to come. By contributing, you’re not just supporting a camp experience; you’re investing in the longevity of our cherished spaces. Your generosity will fund eco-friendly stewardship practices, enhance facilities, and provide scholarships, ensuring that the magic of camp remains accessible and sustainable for generations. We’re inviting you to be a steward of our camp’s future. Will you join us in safeguarding this haven for the souls of tomorrow? 

The Need

In a world that often feels too busy and disconnected, the benefits of time spent in community and nature are needed more than ever. Within UCCI, the challenge to meet these needs and enhance our offerings depends on your support. It is important to acknowledge that participation alone cannot sustain any of our three sites. Your generosity will enable us to maintain our facilities, offer scholarships, and expand our outreach initiatives for Moon Beach, Daycholah Center, Cedar Valley, and Camp AweSum.

The Goal

We have a clear goal in mind: to raise $175,000 by December 31, 2023. And to build our long-term development efforts to annually raise enough to sustain this ministry.

Ignite Generosity will ensure that we achieve our 2023 development goal and provide a robust start to 2024. Ignite Generosity is a catalyst for sustaining and enhancing our camp programs, ensuring inclusivity for every guest, and fostering transformative experiences. Your generous contributions will directly support scholarships, facility upgrades, camp programs, justice initiatives, and environmental sustainability projects. 

Why Now

Ignite Generosity is not just a call to action; it is an opportunity to ignite the spirit of giving within our community. I implore you to reflect on what matters most to you and consider how UCCI fits into that. Your sustaining gift, no matter the size, carries significant weight in advancing our mission and safeguarding these sacred places. Moreover, your generosity serves as an inspiration to others. As Native American elder and author Stephen Charleston wisely put it, ‘In Native tradition, you mark your special moments not by what you may receive, but by what you have to give. However small or simple, you give. Generosity is a key. It unlocks the soul.’

Together, we can unlock the transformative power of generosity.  

What You Can Do

Ignite Generosity is not just a campaign; it’s a movement that embodies the spirit of giving and community. Together, we can ensure that UCCI continues to be a beacon of hope, learning, and acceptance. Join us in Igniting Generosity and be a part of something truly transformative. 

Designating Your Donation

General Giving
Moon Beach
Daycholah Center
Cedar Valley
Camp AweSum

Site Improvements

Several initiatives to improve our sites are in the works. These upgrades will improve the experience for our campers, provide new avenues for hospitality and accessibility along with advancing justice initiatives. Here are some examples:

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