Daycholah Center Grounds & Facilities

Daycholah Center Grounds

Your experience at Daycholah Center begins as you crest the hill leading to Spring Grove Road. The vista of the rolling hills, trees, and farmland is crowned by the sparkling expanse of Green Lake. 

The sentinel oak trees are the welcoming committee and will guide you across the lawn past an effigy mound and the fire circle. At the shoreline, you will find the new and accessible dock system inviting you to take a closer look at the lake, sky, and surrounding scene. The dock is the hub of all waterfront activities: swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and sailing.

The grounds contain a variety of trails, a challenge course, a labyrinth, and places for activities and games. Perfectly placed swings and hammocks are a great spot to spend FOB* time.

During quiet moments around camp, you may encounter deer, eagles, migrating birds, and other wildlife.

Daycholah Center has much to offer every season. Summer is glorious, but the display of fall colors in early-mid October is a guest favorite. The winter landscape provides serenity–especially when the lake freezes over. And in spring, everything is bursting to life with birds, flowers, and budding trees. It is not a stretch to say that seeing the blue-green color of the lake on a windy spring day is a spiritual experience.


Daycholah Center Facilities

Lakeview Hall is central to daily activities at camp. The dining hall is inside Lakeview and serves buffet-style meals. The west hall has a large, stone fireplace, comfortable seating, open space for dance parties, and a great view of the lake. The upper level is home to the camp store. The entire north side of the building is a deck with patio seating that overlooks the lake.


The Ley Chapel is designed to integrate with the landscape and uses renewable energy from a geothermal system for heating and cooling. The interior space can seat up to 150 guests and has excellent acoustics, with a sound system and projector. From inside the chapel, large windows reveal a stunning panorama of the lake and shoreline.


We gather in community at Vesper Point for song and prayer. This spot is ideal for enjoying summer sunsets. And, when seated quietly, you may have an eagle soar overhead or see a deer approaching from the woods. It is a perfect place for prayer and reflection.


Some of the best camp memories are made when we gather at the fire circle for traditional activities–with s’mores, sing-alongs, and storytelling. At Daycholah Center, we often cook meals over the fire as well. 


Oak Mound Lodge and Spring Grove Lodge host additional gathering and meeting spaces for smaller groups.