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We have reached the final days of Advent once again and we are less than a week away from Christmas Day.  At the beginning of Advent, I invited folks to ponder and envision what kind of awakening God might be stirring within ourselves as we make preparations for Christmas.  With this in mind, I want to take a moment to share a new awaking here at Daycholah Center.

At the end of October we began hosting a new type of event for us, a series of Dinner Church events.  In October our event focused on All Saints Day, in November we celebrated Thanksgiving, and in December we focused on the Longest Night of the Year.  These events have been very simple, family friendly events.  We gather for a pot-luck dinner in front of the fireplace.  Sometimes we sang a couple of simple songs, we shared a piece of relevant scripture and then we explored how the scripture might be relevant in our lives today.  Throughout these entire events, I encourage everyone to envision the entire meal as a form of communion.  A significant amount of Jesus’ teachings occurred around meals and we make sure everyone at the table has a generous piece of bread and a full glass with dinner.  Our Gospels tell us that during a meal over 2000 years ago Jesus encouraged his follows to remember him whenever they shared a loaf of bread and a cup.  It is that remembrance, in a simple, yet thought provoking and meaningful way, that we are trying to foster with these events.

With three of these events in our rear-view mirror it is time to take the project to the next level and make them regularly occurring events.  For now, we will proclaim that on the third Tuesday of each month we will gather in our West dining hall at 6 pm.  In January, our date will be Tuesday the 15th.  We will enjoy a pot-luck dinner and some meaningful fellowship.  So if you are in the area and the concept at least sparked your interest, you are more than welcome to join us.  Bring a dish to pass and a curiosity as to how the Holy Spirit might be stirring in our lives!

~ Rev. Nathan Athorp