Faith, Hope, and Flexibility

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Dear UCCI Family –

Today’s message comes with a heavy heart. I want to share that we have furloughed several of the UCCI Team and enacted pay-cuts for the remainder. We will continue to pay benefits to eligible employees and are taking strategic steps to keep UCCI solvent and operational. In the short-term, we are in survival mode as we react to legislation related to the Covid-19 pandemic and await decisions on financing.

There are many questions to answer before re-opening. Answers of legality, safety, protocol, timing, etc. will be dictated by the State of Wisconsin and our licensing entities. Our subsequent decisions will be focused on re-opening Cedar Valley, Moon Beach, and Daycholah Center when we can do so safely! As of yesterday, that will be after May 26th at the earliest.

And open we will! Frankly, we are open now … planning for when we can be together again. We have been around since 1902 and we plan to still be here in 2102! There are things we can all do to ensure that reality:

  • First and foremost … Pray! Pray for health, safety, and a resolution to the pandemic rooted in science and safety … not emotion and politics.
  • If you have registered for an event that gets cancelled … we will refund your fees, apply them to a future event, or graciously accept them as a donation.
  • If you can make one gift to UCCI this year, make it to the UCCI Fund.  Our scholarship fund is well positioned… we need help with general operations. We will be adding opportunities for giving to all our communication vehicles or you can contact us directly. We didn’t want our first messages to be “an ask” yet we find ourselves in a clear position of need. Every gift matters! Please contact me directly to discuss options.
  • If you haven’t seen our presence on social media, you are missing out. Go to our Facebookor Instagram pages and “Like” or “Share” our messages. It really helps in getting our messages out.

Let’s be clear, now more than ever we need to have faith. Faith in God above, one another, and in institutions like the Cedar Valley, Moon Beach, and Daycholah Center. We also need your support … spiritually, emotionally, and financially until we can physically be together in community.

Peace and blessings,

Glenn Svetnicka – Executive Director UCCI