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Dear UCCI Family –
Talking with our incoming UCCI Board President Tom Bayer today, he mused that his seed catalog arrived today. We reflected that a seed catalog offers hope, renewal, blessings, and a glimpse into the power of the Divine … All from a seed catalog. Let this UCCI update serve as your virtual seed catalog. 😊
We are EXCITED to announce that through the generosity of many … WE HAVE MET OUR $200,000 GOAL for the “Keep the Fires Burning” – Matching Gift Campaign! THE TOTAL GIFT IS OVER $400,000! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
We have MORE exciting news … we are pleased to announce an additional $85,000 challenge gift! Another generous couple was so inspired by the “Keep the Fires Burning” – Matching Gift Campaign, and the support of so many people, that they have come forward to join in on the fun!  Consequently, from now until the end of the year, we can raise an additional $170,000 with the “Keep the Fires Burning” – Matching Gift Campaign!
Folks, the ministry of UCCI is not raising money. But the ministry cannot happen if we are bankrupt, and this pandemic brought us perilously close. The funds from these matching gift initiatives will get us into 2021. We ask that you help us finish this campaign as strong as possible!
The vaccines, masks, and the incredible care for one another offer hope for opening, in one form or another, soon. Daycholah Center, Moon Beach, Camp AweSum, and Cedar Valley will again be ready to offer renewal for all. The funds raised in the “Keep the Fires Burning” – Matching Gifts Campaign highlight the blessings of the UCCI Community. Combined this offers a glimpse into the power of the Divine. Together we are sowing the seeds of hope and love!
Glenn Svetnicka – Executive Director UCCI