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Summer seems to go by faster than other seasons. In many conversations recently, the theme of “how is it August already?” has been a prevailing sentiment. In the world of Outdoor Ministry, summer is busier and more active, and we love that! Seeing so many “happy campers” on-site these past two months has filled our hearts with joy and renewed purpose.

We witness that time at camp does move differently. Our minds are not thinking about what is on the to-do list, not worrying or hurrying – but honestly living in the moment, truly being present with those around us, with nature, with God. A practice we know brings peace.

As we contemplate time – at a UCCI event, in our typical daily routines, as part of this moment in our country and the world – the Ancient Greek definitions of time make a lot of sense, especially Kairos time. Kairos means the right, critical or opportune moment as compared to Chronos time which is sequential. While Chronos is quantitative, Kairos has a qualitative, permanent nature. A moment of truth, a defining moment.

We invite you to live in the moment, step into time outside of time. It’s time to experience Kairos at Moon Beach, Daycholah Center, and Cedar Valley.

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