Return to Sacred Ground

What does it mean to Return to Sacred Ground?

A message from Executive Director James Schleif

What does it mean to “Return to Sacred Ground?” At face value, it is an invitation to spend time in the sacred places of Moon Beach, Daycholah Center, and Cedar Valley. If you have been a guest in the past, it is an invitation to come again; if you have not been a guest before, it is an invitation to experience nature, community, and faith in a new way.

On a deeper level, Return to Sacred Ground honors the land United Church Camps, Inc. (UCCI) stewards as sacred to our indigenous siblings. It also recognizes the many generations who have gathered here before us to reconnect to each other and the Creator. The history of these places and their incredible natural beauty have indeed made them places set apart.

The challenges and transitions of the past couple of years can make it feel like the world is spinning out of control. Return to Sacred Ground lifts our collective need to return to solid ground. To find a small piece of stability. To be reminded that we do not control the world. Outdoor ministry truly offers a grounding, and a hope and healing that is hard to find in other settings. Our commitment–to love and provide safe and welcoming spaces is unwavering.

Return to Sacred Ground will be our theme for the year ahead. It seems to capture the feeling that we belong to these places rather than vice versa. We want you to know how grateful UCCI is for your participation and support. Keep UCCI in your prayers and we’ll see you at camp!

Blessings & Peace,