Lakeview Hall

Lakeview Hall (formerly Norenberg Lodge) is the main dining facility at Daycholah Center.  With two dining rooms, it provides plenty of space for mealtimes and other meetings and gatherings.

Lakeview Hall features a 4,500 square foot deck running the length of the building overlooking the vast glory of Green Lake.  The entire building is air-conditioned.

The West Dining Room features a huge stone fireplace and seats up to 100 people.

The East Dining Room has bright lighting, excellent acoustics for large groups, and can seat up to 136 guests.  This dining room has huge doors which open into the fireside lounge, which allows us to seat an additional 32 people immediately adjacent to the main dining room space.

The Fireside Lounge is an intimate gathering space with a beautiful fireplace and comfortable seating.  It can accommodate up to 35 people.

Meals at Daycholah Center are served “family style” at round tables, encouraging community and conversation.  Our meals are delicious, healthy, and the food is plentiful.  Most meals feature a full salad bar, and home-baked bread, and other baked goods.  We normally provide vegetarian alternative meals at each mealtime and happily accommodate special food needs with prior notice.

This building also offers:

  • high-speed wireless internet
  • a beverage counter in each dining room to facilitate hot beverage service
  • meeting facilitation equipment (easels, newsprint, whiteboards, overhead projector)
  • upon request a TV/DVD player is available


West Dining Room