Ley Chapel

The Ralph Ley Chapel is the newest addition to the facilities at Daycholah Center.  Completed in 2009, the chapel is an impressive worship and meeting space.  Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a stunning view of Green Lake and a memorable backdrop for any gathering.

In addition to the main sanctuary space, the chapel has a gathering space, bathrooms, and a small kitchenette to host after-service social times and coffee and snacks for meetings.

The chapel comfortably seats 150 people in any number of configurations, and will seat 200 people in a limited number of configurations.  The building has high-speed wireless internet access and an excellent audio-visual system featuring several projection screens.  The sound system includes a hearing loop to accommodate people with hearing difficulty.

The chapel is a model of energy efficiency.  It is heated and cooled entirely by a geothermal system, drawing warm and cool naturally from the earth.  It features super insulation, energy efficient windows, advanced lighting control systems, and, for the comfort of our guests, in-floor heat.