Oak Mound Lodge

Oak Mound Lodge is a beautiful lodging facility which serves the needs of our guests throughout the year.  The lounges in Oak Mound both feature beautiful stone fireplaces which provide a focal point for these meeting spaces.  Sitting down in a comfortable chair near a warm fire as the snow gently falls outside is one of the many delights that this building offers.

Most guest rooms are furnished to accommodate two or three people in twin-size beds (two bedrooms have four beds).  All bedrooms have bathrooms directly accessible from the bedroom.  In some cases there is a bathroom shared between two bedrooms, in other cases the room has a private bath.

Oak Mound Lodge also features a beautiful deck the entire length of the building which provides a wonderful place to relax on a warm summer day as you enjoy a cup of coffee and the view of Green Lake.

This building also offers:

  • high speed wireless internet
  • washers and dryers
  • a small kitchenette area in each lounge to accommodate light snacks and coffee service.
  • meeting facilitation equipment (easels, newsprint, white boards, overhead projector)
  • upon request a TV/DVD/VHS player and a laptop computer and LCD projector and screen are available

Upper Level Lounge / Meeting Space