You may be asking yourself what is this “Shoreline Restoration Revolution” we are talking about…Well, about ten years ago Moon Beach Camp in beautiful St. Germain, WI agreed to be part of a study to see if restoring our well-worn shoreline with native plants would help with the unsightly problems of erosion, improve water quality of the lake and enhance the habitat for fish and wildlife.  And it did!!!

Not only does Shoreline Restoration improve the quality of our lakes in God’s Country; lakefront properties maintain their value if the lakes are clean and our children’s children’s children will get to enjoy them for years down the road.

Because we are a camp specializing in “Outdoor Ministry” we feel that it is our duty to share the good news with our neighbors. We hope you find the following information helpful to improve the quality of your lake not to mention the value of your lakefront property.

If you would like to see firsthand, the improvements made at Moon Beach Camp, call the camp at 715-479-8255 or email [email protected] to make an appointment.

Please scroll down the page to find links regarding useful information to improve your own lakefront and to learn more about the research.

Who should be interested in protecting these unique habitats?

Everyone that stays and plays in our beautiful lake districts! Keeping Vilas and Oneida County area lakes beautiful will increase property value, heighten tourism and water quality, and provide real beauty in our lives that everyone can enjoy. If you own lakefront property, you can help by protecting your lakeshore with a shoreline restoration project.

~At Moon Beach Camp, we restored our shoreline using Native Plants, implemented a Rain Garden and have “Fish Sticks” along our shoreline all to improve the beauty and quality of Moon Lake.  For more information on these practices, please click on the links below:

Native Plantings
Rain Gardens
Fish Sticks

~The Wisconsin Healthy Lakes Program provides landowners with a description of proper lakeshore management techniques as well as grant sources for conducting restorations.

~The University of Wisconsin Extension Lakes Program has a variety of literature that can help you learn about why shoreline management is important for your lake and lakefront property.

~Here is another informative link from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regarding shoreline zoning:

Safe-guarding Our Shorelines – Wisconsin DNR

~Moon Beach Camp participated in a 10 year research project to develop the best approaches for lakeshore restoration in Vilas County.  Researchers continue to measure the benefits of these restorations to lake health and wildlife habitat quality. To read more about this project, click on the link below.

~Consider certifying your lake property as Vilas County Lake Quality Friendly:

~And if you are really interested in the technical documents of the Wisconsin DNR relevant to shoreline restoration, click below:

SRR Brochure

Let’s create a legacy worth leaving…

Taking care of our lakes now ensures that our children will enjoy them long after we’re gone.