UCCI 2017 Camp Mission

This year’s UCCI mission is the Camp Scholarship Fund.

Each family camp is asked to have a special offering or auction to support this mission. Campers are encouraged to think of special skills and talents or to bring some special homemade item that can be auctioned off! (Items can be for youth or adults!)

We have seen creative talents such as:

  • Hours worth of private canoe rowing
  • Music lessons
  • Early morning yoga lessons
  • Guided nature tours
  • Babysitting during FOB time

Just to name a few! Your time and talents are a gift.

Additionally, those who wish to make an in-kind donation to Moon Beach are encouraged to consider:

  • Polar fleece blankets
  • Pillows
  • 9 volt batteries
  • Carbon monoxide detectors

Any questions on what to bring or how to participate in the Camp Scholarship Fund, contact Program Manager Phoebe at phoebe@ucci.org.