Seamanship 101

‘There’s a season for everything and a time for every matter under the heavens’ Ecclesiastes 3:1 (CEB)

I was reminded once again this week that there is frequently more than one way to accomplish the same task. One of our tasks for the week was to prepare our motor boat for the season. If the winterization is done correctly, the spring commissioning is a simple straight-forward procedure, and fortunately that is what played out this week. After putting things back in place on the boat and launching the boat into the lake, it was time to walk the boat through its paces. This took place around mid-afternoon during a day that was filled with the hustle and bustle that frequently is occurring this time of year at camp. Two of us took advantage of this time to touch base on a number of other projects that are currently going on. It was kind of a meeting on the lake and as such we didn’t fly across the waves trying to see how fast the boat could go. We put the boat through its paces, but for the most part we held a conversation the entire time.

The next morning one of our lifeguards got in the boat for the first time for the season to put it through its paces before the kayaks hit the water for the day. He backed away from the dock, got the boat turned around, and flew across the lake. He was alone in the boat and did not have anyone to converse with. His technique was decidedly different than the one used the day before, and yet he accomplished the exact same task as we had.

This is a very simple example of approaching the same task from two different perspectives and yet obtaining the same outcome. As both Moon Beach and Daycholah Center moving into their busy summer seasons I suspect that many things are going to be approached differently than they have in the past. We have a number of new personnel making decisions and carrying out tasks at both sites. Many of our guests may very well experience things happening in a different manner this season. I invite you to consider this an opportunity to experience things in a new way. The ultimate outcome might very well be the same in the end, but how we arrive at those results might indeed be a different journey. Come join us on a new adventure!

~ Rev. Nathan Athorp